Tips for a Successful Application for a Canadian Visitor Visa

Do you want to visit Canada?

You need a valid passport and one form of authorization to enter. According to our immigration lawyer Mississauga, There are two kinds of authorization:

1) Electronic Travel Authorization – for Citizens of Visa Exempt Countries

If you are from a visa-exempt country, you need an Electronic Travel Authorization (also called “eTA”). You would not need a visa. Visa-exempt countries are listed here:

eTAs are applied for online, with a decision made within a few minutes. If you need help with applying for an eTA, please contact us.

2) Visitor Visa – for Citizens of Visa Required Countries

If your country requires a visitor visa, you must apply for one before you come to Canada. Visitor visas are also called “Temporary Resident Visa” or shortened to “TRV”.

How do you get a Visitor Visa/Temporary Resident Visa (TRV)?

You should apply for a visitor visa BEFORE you travel. If your application is approved, the visitor visa will be placed inside of your passport. The application will ask you information about your family, work, education, and travel history.

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Tips for Successful Visitor Visa Applications

If you want to be successful in applying for a visitor visa, you must satisfy these requirements:

Have a Valid Passport

You must have a passport from your country of citizenship, that is not expired.

The visitor visa will only be valid up to the expiration date on your passport.  If your passport will expire soon, you should renew it BEFORE applying for a visa. If you don’t renew passport first, you may get shorter visa then you expected!

Show that Your time in Canada will be temporary

You will only be authorized to stay in Canada for a temporary period, and the maximum length of stay is 6 months. You must demonstrate that you will leave Canada at the end of your trip. You can demonstrate that the purpose of your trip is temporary.

Examples of how you can demonstrate this:

Events with dates – invitation to a wedding, business conference, reservations for vacation

Booking confirmations – travel/plane tickets including return flight, hotel room bookings, conference tickets

Travel Itinerary – if you plan on visiting multiple places while in Canada, show your travel plans in detail, including when you will leave

Have Strong Ties to Your Home Country

You most show that you intend to leave Canada and return to your home country at the end of your visit. You need to demonstrate that you have strong ties – responsibilities that you intend to return to back home.

Examples of proof of ties to home country:

Employment or education letters from home country, showing you must go back to work or school.

Family members, relationships, dependents that you are responsible for back home.

Real estate, financial assets, business ties in your home country.

You Have Enough Funds to Support Yourself During Your Stay in Canada

You need to show that you have sufficient funds to pay for your travel to and from Canada the cost of lodging/hotels, and any activities you plan on doing here. You can do this by providing documents with your application such as pay stubs, employment letters, bank/investment accounts for the last three months.

If someone else is paying for your travel and hosting you in their house, that person will need to demonstrate that they have enough funds to host you, as well as their own living expenses. This person should also provide you with an invitation Letter to confirm that they are asking you stay with them while you are Canada

You Must Be in Good Health

You cannot have an illness that would cause you to become burden to the public health of Canada.

You can demonstrate this with a doctor’s note, and purchasing private health insurance for your travel dates.

You Must Not be Inadmissible to Canada.

If you have ever previously been deemed inadmissible to Canada or any other country, or have been charged or convicted of crimes, you must declare this in your application.

You must demonstrate why you are not admissible to Canada, for example, if charges were withdrawn.

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