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Estate Litigation Lawyer Toronto

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Skilled Estate Litigation Lawyers in Toronto

Wills and estates are a hotbed of litigation, especially if an estate was poorly planned or not planned at all. In addition, emotions are often running high, as several key players, including the Estate Trustees and beneficiaries, are dealing with the loss of a loved one. The potential for disagreement exists on many fronts, including the validity of the Will itself, the conduct of the Estate Trustees during probate, and the interpretation of the deceased’s wishes. Particularly in estates involving complex issues such as the division of a business, high-value assets, or trusts, disputes can arise in a number of ways. In order to resolve matters quickly so the estate can be distributed and settled, it is important to secure the advice of a skilled lawyer.

The litigation lawyers at Prudent Law have represented numerous clients in all types of estate litigation matters. We are skilled at advising clients as to the best path forward for resolution while keeping an eye to efficiency in an effort to keep costs down. We understand that emotions are a particular consideration in estate matters, and we will work to reduce our clients’ stress in every way possible.

Skilled Estate Litigation Lawyers in Toronto

I highly recommend Prudent Law to anyone. Devesh is very professional and works hard for his clients. - F.C.

I highly recommend Prudent Law to anyone. Devesh is very professional and works hard for his clients. - F.C.

Common Types of Estate Litigation in Ontario

There are several reasons why a party may challenge an estate, but the following are some of the most common issues:

Will Challenges

Beneficiaries or those who were left out of a Will may choose to challenge the Will itself, either because they question the capacity of the deceased at the time the Will was created, or because they may suspect undue influence on the deceased in the drafting or execution of the document. It is important that a testator have a full appreciation of their assets and how they will be allocated at the time they sign their Will. If a party has sufficient reason to suspect this was not the case, they may bring a challenge in court.

Dependants Relief Applications

In Ontario, people generally have the freedom to allocate their belongings as they see fit upon their death. However, there are certain mandatory provisions that must be considered when the deceased has dependents, such as a spouse, minor children, or a family member requiring ongoing care. Under the Succession Law Reform Act, if a testator fails to adequately provide for a dependant in their Will, that person, or their representative, can bring a claim for Dependant’s Relief to have the proceeds of the estate reallocated as necessary to satisfy the testator’s statutory obligations.

Estate Trustee Challenges

The Trustee or Trustees of an estate have a number of important responsibilities that must be carried out in accordance with the law. Estate Trustees are expected to ensure the wishes of the deceased are carried out as expressed in the Will, and they are also acting in a fiduciary capacity on behalf of the beneficiaries. This means that everything they do must be in the beneficiaries’ best interests. If a party involved, generally a beneficiary or another Trustee, suspects that funds are being mismanaged, or a Trustee is not acting quickly enough in dealing with the estate’s assets, they may bring an application to have that person removed and/or replaced as Estate Trustee. In estates with multiple Trustees, the various Trustees may disagree on how best to manage the estate and one or more parties may seek guidance from the court on key issues.

Contact Prudent Law in Toronto for Litigators with Broad Experience in Estate Litigation Matters

Whether you are an Estate Trustee seeking clarification of your duties, a beneficiary wishing to challenge a Will, or another party with an interest in the distribution of an estate, the lawyers at Prudent Law in Toronto can help. Our estate litigation lawyers are experienced in a variety of estate litigation matters and will work to ensure your rights are protected. We provide practical advice and skilled representation in both litigation and alternative dispute resolution options. If you would like to discuss your estate litigation matter in a confidential consultation, please call us at 905-361-9789 or contact us online.


    I highly recommend Prudent Law to anyone. Devesh is very professional and works hard for his clients. - F.C.

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