Residential Real Estate

Dedicated and Experienced Residential Real Estate Lawyers in Mississauga & Milton

The purchase or sale of a home or a recreational property such as a cottage is one of the largest transactions most people will make in their lifetimes. Given the significance of the financial investment at stake, these transactions demand extreme care and diligence. Too often, residential real estate transactions are handled in a factory line fashion, with administrative staff overseeing a deal from start to finish with almost zero input from a trained real estate lawyer. With this type of approach, details can be missed and end up costing a party significantly down the road.

At Prudent Law, we have a dedicated team of real estate lawyers who make it their priority to personally oversee each transaction in detail. Our lawyers and administrative staff work closely to ensure every aspect of the transaction, including potential pitfalls, are identified and managed from the start in order to prevent surprises or delays later on.

When buying or selling a property, there are a number of issues to consider including the property’s title, ownership structure, existing mortgages and other encumbrances. Some properties require specialized attention due to the type or location of the property. Our team conducts thorough searches on every property to confirm there are no outstanding issues requiring attention, including:

  • Title, including any registered encumbrances, restrictions or mortgages
  • Zoning, by-law and building code compliance for a second unit, if applicable
  • Surveys, easements and property line concerns
  • Municipal services
  • Concerns relating to recreational or remote properties, such as water supply and septic systems

Walking First-Time Homebuyers Through the Process from Start to Finish

The lawyers at Prudent Law understand the nerves involved when someone is purchasing their first home. We are careful to walk first-time homebuyers through each step of the process, to be sure they have no outstanding questions or concerns. Clients appreciate the level of detail and attention they receive from our lawyers and staff, which is why so many return to us to handle their future transactions. They know we excel at the fine details relating to a real estate transaction, and they appreciate the level of service and communication we provide. For additional information, see our Residential Real Estate FAQ page.

Contact Prudent Law in Mississauga and Milton for Exceptional Oversight of Your Residential Real Estate Purchase or Sale

The real estate lawyers at Prudent Law are dedicated to ensuring their clients’ interests are protected from the moment they become involved with a transaction. They regularly assist clients with a variety of issues relating to residential real estate matters, including:

  • Purchases
  • Sales
  • Recreational Properties
  • Mortgages & Private Financing
  • Real Estate Litigation

Prudent Law has considerable experience assisting clients with the purchase of residential and recreational properties. With offices conveniently located in downtown Mississauga and Milton, we are poised to service clients located throughout southwestern Ontario. If you have an upcoming residential real estate transaction you’d like to discuss with one of our experienced real estate lawyers, please call us at 905-361-9789 or contact us online.