Private Lending

Mississauga Private Lending Lawyers

At Prudent Law, our real estate lawyers have closed hundreds of private mortgages. These mortgages have ranged from as low as $10,000 to as high as a million dollars.

Private mortgage lending is a very specialized business and we have the expertise and experience to be able to assist you with private lending.

The Prudent Law Advantage for Private Lender Services

Quick Closings & Closing Book

Have a borrower who needs their funds quickly? You need a lawyer that can act promptly while making sure you are protected. We can do that. We have closed private mortgages in as little as four hours while making sure the lender is protected and gets a valid and binding mortgage.

We will provide you with all of the original signed documents and your registered mortgage within a few days of closing the deal. We take care of the organization of the paperwork so you can find every document you need years after closing.

Mortgage Creation & Registration

We can create and register a mortgage against the property to protect your money and force the borrower to pay you back when the loan is due. We will create a custom mortgage document for each private mortgage and ensure that all of the special conditions of your commitment are incorporated into the mortgage. This helps with repayment and protects you if the borrower defaults.

Due diligence

We will review your mortgage commitment and ensure all of the terms are satisfied by the borrower. For every condition, we will obtain written evidence of compliance before we request funds from you. If you don’t have a mortgage commitment, we can help with that as well.

Identity theft and identity fraud continue to be grave concerns in the private lending industry. At Prudent Law, we do everything we can to protect our lenders from these issues. If we have concerns, we will let you know immediately and provide you with our expertise in helping prevent mortgage fraud.

What Makes Us Different?

At Prudent Law, we provide simple, clear and practical legal advice to your everyday legal issues. These are some of the differences you will notice:

  • A lawyer will sit with you and review all the paperwork in your transaction. We will work with you to make sure you are comfortable and confident about the paperwork you are being asked to sign before you sign it.
  • A free initial consultation where you can discuss your legal issues, understand your alternatives, and understand the costs associated with each alternative.
  • A fixed fee structure: We will quote you a fixed fee for most alternatives that we provide to you. This fee will not change over the duration of your case, and you will not have to worry about the costs of calling or meeting with your lawyer.
  • Simple, personal customer service: Prudent Law is made for everyday people, so we don’t complicate our discussions with unnecessary legal language. We will leave the legal jargon for the Courts and focus on helping you understand your alternatives.
  • Easy access to your lawyer: At Prudent Law, you will get direct access to your lawyer. You are welcome to call whenever you have questions.

For Trusted Advice and Guidance with Private Lending, contact Prudent Law in Mississauga

Prudent Law has considerable experience working on all types of real estate transactions for lenders and borrowers. With offices conveniently located in downtown Mississauga, we are poised to assist clients located throughout southwestern Ontario. If you have an upcoming property transaction you’d like to discuss with one of our experienced private lending lawyers, please call us at 905-361-9789 or contact us online.