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The relationships between shareholders are essential to a healthy business operation, and when disputes arise, they can permeate the businesses and affect the bottom line. It is key to address disputes between shareholders quickly and effectively and to seek the assistance of a lawyer who will prioritize meaningful resolution so the parties can return to focusing on the business as soon as possible.

The litigation team at Prudent Law has considerable knowledge of the inner workings of companies both large and small and understands the need to find a resolution quickly when a dispute arises between shareholders. We will work to manage the situation and guide clients towards the best method for resolving the matter economically and efficiently, whether that is via negotiation, alternative dispute resolution methods or litigation in court.

How Are Shareholder Disputes Commonly Resolved in Ontario?

Shareholders are generally parties to a Shareholder Agreement, which may contain a clause addressing the protocol to be observed should a dispute arise. Often, the chosen method will be arbitration, as this allows for an efficient and private resolution of a matter that is binding on all parties. Whereas litigation is generally open to the public, as are any orders from the court, arbitration is held behind closed doors, enabling the parties to keep internal business matters out of the public eye. Arbitration clauses are treated with deference by Ontario courts, and if one is in place, it is unlikely a party will be permitted to bring an action in court under the Agreement.

The lawyers at Prudent Law are experienced in representing corporate clients in arbitration. We will work to negotiate an effective resolution between the parties, and failing that, we will diligently advocate for our clients’ rights in binding arbitration.

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The lawyers at Prudent Law in Mississauga are extremely capable representatives in shareholder disputes. We understand that maintaining the business relationship is essential to a business’s operations and we will work to preserve that relationship as much as possible. To discuss options regarding a shareholder dispute with an experienced litigation lawyer, please call us at 905-361-9789 or contact us online.

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