How Do You Know if You Need a Corporate Lawyer?

For most people working in commercial industries, deciding whether to call an attorney should be like deciding to see a doctor. Issues in the company are like symptoms of a specific disease that needs consultation to alleviate. If you don’t consult a lawyer, you might wait a few days to see they turn into bigger problems.

However, there are also some things that can be sort out without the need of legal counsel, just as simple ailments like colds or cough don’t necessarily need a doctor. These things can be really so small that even the management alone can resolve. So how do you if it is time to call for a corporate lawyer? This question is important because you don’t want to spend money for attorney’s fee if it at the end it is not really needed at all.

Well, there are a few situations when you will want to hear the advice of a corporate attorney. The following are examples of serious legal issues that require the assistance of an experienced lawyer.

You and your business partners want to make some special allocations of profits and losses. These special allocations largely depends whether or not you are in a partnership, joint venture, corporation, or limited-liability company. Since such can be tricky, you need the help of an experienced lawyer to help you to draft the agreement, explain to your complicated provisions, and help you settle tax that you may need to pay.

One of your partners has donated a property of the corporation without consent of all the partners and you want to get it back. As a matter of rule, disposing properties owned by the corporation without the consent of the parties is void. However, a lot of other problems can even arise to this invalid transaction, hence with an attorney, you can perform a legal action to lawfully recoup the property.

Your company engages in a certain business and a certain environmental issue arise. Remember that environmental laws can carry heavy penalties but an attorney can help you defend in court in case you are being sued.

An employee has sued you for issues related to employee-employer relationship. If your problem can’t be settled using your management’s grievance machinery, you will need an attorney to represent you. If it is labor related matter, you will need a labor lawyer but if the issue touches on some corporate matter, then you will also need a corporate lawyer.

When you are operating a business, you can’t just hire a corporate lawyer whenever you want to. It is important that you asses every situation so you can avoid the possibly of spending too much. If you spend all your money for an attorney, there is a high possibility that it will also harm your business. Nevertheless, a good corporate lawyer Mississauga will tell you whether your situation would better be handled by an attorney. In case you get lost in your decisions, just look through this article and you will find your way.

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