Immigration Lawyer Brampton

Immigration Lawyer Brampton

Get an Immigration Lawyer In Brampton To Help You With Family Sponsorship And Other Immigration Matters

Dedicated Immigration Law Firm in Brampton

Canada is among the largest countries in the world. Moving to Canada is ideal for foreigners because the authorities have eased the requirements and conditions for people seeking to immigrate. One thing about Canada is that its large cities do not have a high population density. The government created several immigration services and programs to bring people, many businesses and especially professionals, to Canada. Given that Canada has so much to offer, Prudent Law Brampton immigration lawyers seek to make the process of immigrating to Canada seamless and hassle-free.

If moving to Canada is your goal, you can be assured that the country has much to offer. Canadian immigration law society covers diverse areas, including visiting, working, studying in Canada, applying for permanent residency, and appealing unsatisfactory federal court decisions on immigration matters. You need to work with experienced immigration lawyers in Brampton to help navigate the country’s complicated immigration appeal division system.

Dedicated Immigration Law Firm in Brampton

I've used Prudent Law as a lender and purchaser and each time I've had an efficient, responsive, and very courteous interaction with each of the staff. Devesh Gupta's advise is invaluable and his knowledge of applicable laws is impressive. - P.L.

I've used Prudent Law as a lender and purchaser and each time I've had an efficient, responsive, and very courteous interaction with each of the staff. Devesh Gupta's advise is invaluable and his knowledge of applicable laws is impressive. - P.L.

Efficient Canadian Citizen Services to Streamline the Canadian Immigration Process

Every year, Canada admits hundreds of thousands of foreigners from all over the world into the country as permanent residents. As a permanent resident, you have the same rights and privileges as Canadian residents. These privileges include access to free education in elementary and secondary school, free healthcare, and subsidized post-secondary education. There are so many options to immigrate to Canada. You can apply for a visitor visa, a work permit, or a study permit if you want to visit Canada on a temporary basis. You will need to apply for a permanent resident card if you want to become a permanent immigrant.

With so many immigration pathways, choosing the one that suits your situation best can be a daunting task. The whole immigration application process is often complex and lengthy. However, with the help of an immigration lawyer, you have a higher chance of obtaining a favourable outcome. At Prudent Law, we can make your dream of moving to Canada come true.

The Common Immigration Pathways into Canada

There are so many ways via which you can immigrate to Canada. It is much easier to identify the most suitable immigration lawyer option when you work with an experienced immigration lawyer. At Prudent Law Firm, we have skilled immigration lawyers who have been helping applicants immigrate to Canada for years. We understand that every client is unique. We will examine your individual situation and recommend the very best immigration lawyers for the stream:

Express Entry

The Express Entry program is the best option for people from many countries who are looking for a fast pathway to work and live permanently in Canada. Below are the steps followed when applying for an express entry program:

Ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria

  • Create an online Express Entry profile
  • Acquire a CRS score
  • Receive the participation approval to use ITA
  • Collect the necessary documents

Candidates apply for immigration under these federal economic immigration programs:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • The Canadian Experience Class
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program

Study Permits

A study permit is a document that allows foreign nationals to undertake studies at designated institutions in Canada. Most foreign international students will require a study permit to study in Canada. A study or permanent residence permit is not a visa; it doesn’t grant you access to Canada. You will need a visa or electronic travel authorization (eTA) alongside the study permit. You must apply for a study permit before coming to Canada. Here are the documents you will need when applying for a study permit:

  • You must be enrolled in a designated learning institution
  • You must have sufficient money to pay for tuition fees, living expenses, and return transportation for you and family members who accompany you to Canada
  • You must be compliant with the law, with no criminal record
  • In good health
  • Prove that you will leave Canada after completing your studies

Work Permits

The majority of foreign nationals require a work permit before they start working in Canada. There are several types of immigration applications for work permits:

  • Closed Work Permit – This permit allows you to work in Canada according to the provisions of your work permit. The permit outlines the specific employer you should work for, the duration of the work, and the location where you can work.
  • Open Work Permit – You can work for any employer in Canada if you have an open work permit. However, you can’t work for an employer listed as ineligible, usually employers who do not fulfill certain conditions. You can’t also work for an employer who offers erotic dance, striptease, erotic massages, and escort services.
  • Post-graduate Work Permits- If you have graduated from a recognized education institution in Canada, this permit can help you gain experience in your area of study.

Family Class Sponsorship

The Family Class Sponsorship is a well-established family sponsorship program that applicants use to settle in Canada for permanent residence. A family member can sponsor their partner or spouse to come to Canada and reside on a permanent basis. The sponsor should have a Canadian Permanent Residency or Canadian Citizenship. The available family law sponsorship programs are:

  • Spouse or a common-law partner sponsorship
  • Child or dependent sponsorship
  • Parent or grandparent sponsorship

Visitor Visas

A visitor visa is also known as a Temporary Resident Visa. It is a document that enables foreign nationals to enter Canada. You will need a visitor visa if you are coming to Canada to visit, work, or as a student. You can only travel without a visa if you are from a visa-exempt country. Visitor visas include:

  • Single-entry Visa – This visa allows foreign nationals to enter Canada for one time only.
  • Multiple-entry Visa – A multiple-entry visa allows foreign nations to enter and leave Canada as often as they like, provided their visa is valid. Most applicants are considered for multiple entry visas. The single-entry visas are only issued under unique circumstances. With a multiple-entry visa, you can travel to Canada for six months at a time.
  • Super Visa – You can also apply for a super visa that works the same way as a multiple-entry visa. However, with a super visa, you can travel and stay in Canada for up to two years as often as you like.

Prudent Law: Experienced Lawyers to Handle All Your Canadian Immigration Issues

At Prudent Law, we provide effective legal support and expert advice to people across Canada, the United States, and around the world when applying for entry into Canada. Our immigration lawyers can assist you with temporary visas, applying for permanent residency and citizenship, resolving shortcomings in citizenship applications, and appealing refusals. Furthermore, our lawyers can help you with other complex immigration cases and matters:

Professional Legal Representation

We have what it takes to handle:

  • IRCC Decision Appeals
  • Inadmissibility, both Medical and Criminal
  • Removal Orders or Deportation
  • Detention Reviews
  • Misrepresentations
  • Authorization to Return

Applying for Permanent Residency

We can help you through:

  • Provincial Nominee Programs
  • Express Entry
  • Business Investors Program
  • Spousal and Family Sponsorship
  • Humanitarian or Compassionate Ground Applications

Temporary Residency for Visitation, Study or Work

These include:

  • Study Permits and Student Visas
  • Work Permits
  • Visitor Visas
  • Labour Market Impact Assessments for Employers
  • Super Visas
  • Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)

Canadian Citizenship

  • Applying for Passports and Appealing Refusals
  • Applying for Citizenship
  • Appealing Citizenship Refusals
  • Citizenship Revocation
  • Resumption of Citizenship

Contact Prudent Law for a Step-By-Step Guidance On Canada Immigration Pathways

Canada has many immigration programs for people seeking to immigrate to the country. At Prudent Law, we have experienced immigration lawyers who can help you identify the best immigration pathways to help you study, work, and live in Canada or obtain permanent residency. We have helped many applicants, including students and professionals, to immigrate to Canada. We provide top-notch immigration law services to help you move to Canada without hassles. Contact us today to speak to our experienced lawyers for additional information.

To speak with an experienced immigration lawyer about your immigration needs, complete our comprehensive assessment form and submit it via email to Gordon Vuong at To contact us without completing the form, please reach out or by phone at 905-361-9789.


    The staff at Prudent Law were extremely professional, efficient and left a positive impression. They were always available and promptly responded to all my questions. - K.L.

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